Good day followers!

Summer is around the corner, temperatures are on the rise and the risk to hit the beach before its time is very high  <insert shivering here>.

While I committed over winter to build a summer body I am still a long way to reach the goal, thus as gym is not enough, I am, yet again, on a diet.

But  I am still a blogger and a foodie, therefore, as of Monday I will change the whole content of this blog by cooking, and thus publishing, the recipes along the lines of  The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook

Have been searching high and low for the perfetc diet, and have been reading  a lot lately , on-line and off -line, about Haylie Pomroy and her work, and have a feeling this might be the right one.

Stay tuned as not only will I be posting recipes, I will, also post the results on my own body (if you’re shivering at the idea, I am with you).

Do, please comment below and let me know whether I should go ahead or you’d rather see the standard, mouth watering recipes I have been posting so far.

Wish me luck on my new journey.