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The idea for this recipe originated from Martha Stewart’s Dinner at home, a 52 recipes volume.

I have cooked her Strip Steak with chimuchurri, following the recipe with religious zeal;  the outcome was OK, but did not reach my expectations. I have now worked out this recipe that hope will meet the favors of many.

Pat dry the steak; do not season it (trust me on this), or the meat will release all its juices (same effect the salt has on vegetables).

Place a cast-iron grill on very high heat, once the grill is very hot place the meat (reduce heat to medium) and cook on each side for 3 to 4 minutes (for medium rare).

Transfer the meat on a cutting board, and try resisting the temptation to cut it for at least 5 minutes; during this time the juices will be released back to the meat, the meat’s fiber will relax and the whole steak will turn tender and juicy.

Slice now the meat crosswise, sprinkle it with the Black Hawaiian Sea salt and transfer to a serving plate, spoon the chimichurri sauce on top.

Drizzle remaining sauce on sides, for decoration.

Serve with my roasted new potatoes; or better with my Spinach Pecans salad.